Travel Setter was born from a dream of Adalgisa to put together experienced people, serious and respected, selected with the aim of providing services to entrepreneurs of small accommodation.

The difference between Travel Setter and others? Travel Setter is composed by people who put the heart and working in the hospitality industry since long time.

Adalgisa Conte - Owner - General Manager

Valentina Marangoni - Revenue and Concierge Service

Chiara Serritella - Revenue and Concierge Service

Gianfelice Carfagnini - Architect (Associated) -


The experience of our people allows to identify the critical aspects of a company and to formulate a plan of action needed to resolve the crises (both structural and operational). Our way of doing consultancy is different, it is based on the past experiences gained in international hotel companies and bringing in small structures a way of operating management that works because already it was tested. 

  • START UP (assistance since the research of the structure, the state analysis, and opening)
  • Creation of internal procedures and quality standards
  • Control of quality and standards (including activities of Mystery Guests)
  • HR: Recruiting people, Temporary Management, training people
  • Finding Suppliers on request (architects, photographers, designers, etc.)
  • SALES: Outsourcing of services sales, revenue & marketing, consulting for start up
  • REVENUE ASSISTANCE: Booking Engine and Channel Manager followed by our Revenue (opening of channels selected for the structure)
  • Through accredited partners: WEB sites, SEO, socialmedia, PR online, articles on Magazine Editorials
  • Local PR

Valentina Marangoni and Chiara Serritella 

Daily Activities for our hotels:

    • analysis of Territory (constant analysis of the market, the various competitors and product positioning)
    • adjustment the on-line rates (Rate strategy according with the Hotel Manager)
    • check with OTA for interesting marketing campaigns
    •  support staff for questions and problem solving via Skype, email, tel
    • suggest proposals for packages
    • Report "Analysis Revenue Forecast versus" falling due to be agreed (7 or 15 days) to assess the way in which one sells the political structure to also implement according to booking offline inserted in the system that are not treatable by BE.
    • Sending a scheduled monthly news letter and agreed with HM regarding content and markets to achieve and then monitor the feedback.
    • cross selling.